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4 in 1 T-shirt- Dark Blue, Grey, Sky Blue

Introducing VERSATYL REVERSO – World’s First Reversible Multi-Way Wearable T-shirt by the Revolutionary Brand “VERSATYL”. The creators of the very successful VERSATYL Jackets are back with yet another Revolutionary product as unique as its predecessors.

Saneen Javali, the brain behind the very successful VERSATYL Travel Jacket and the Award winning World’s Lightest Jacket, “FEATHER”, breaks another record by launching the Unique, Innovative, Functional, Comfortable and yet Stylish Multi-Way wearable T-shirt which can be worn in Multiple ways.

The VERSATYL has applied for PATENT & DESIGN Registration for the Invention of this Unique T-Shirt and VERSATYL alone holds rights to make and sell this Unique T-Shirt.



  • The REVERSO provides four in one apparel having no dull underside of apparel exposed when worn in four unique ways.
  • This REVERSO multi-way wearable apparel that can be worn from all possible angles of the apparel- front panel, rear panel or reversed
  • REVERSO is a Cost-effective apparel having added usefulness in providing four different ways of wearing the same apparel.
  • Each of the front and rear panel is made of a double layer fabric of different style, color or pattern such that each time the apparel is worn from different angle, it gives a new look.
  • REVERSO is Comfortable apparel that is handy for quick changes and convenient to wear when worn in four different ways as it comes with double layered breathable fabric.
  • REVERSO is unique apparel that can be worn from all angles with four different colors such that each time the apparel gives an absolute new and unique look to the wearer.
  • REVERSO provides Enhanced versatility in mixing and matching possibilities using four-in-one apparel enabling a new look each time.
  • REVERSO is Interchangeable and reversible. The T-shirt that can be worn from all different angles and sides, having unique style, design, pattern & color.
  • REVERSO is worn in either of four ways vis-à-vis the first exposed layer of the front panel or the first inner layer of the front panel or the second exposed layer of the rear panel or the second inner layer of the rear panel, worn facing front.
  • The REVERSO is extremely Unique, Functional, Comfortable and yet Stylish.


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