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A unique property of GADGET COAT™ liquid protectors is that they dry completely transparent. Once applied, it reveals a visible effect in which our liquid protector helps to resist scratches and the other liquid protector treats the surface so that the water and other liquid beads and roll off from it, liquids simply do not pass through this microscopic protective barrier. This is because of its super hydrophobic properties that create a tiny impermeable surface

Liquids are not limited to just water either. We have tested SPLASH SAFE™ with other liquids and chemicals such as paint, inks, milk, syrups, motor oil and others that do not pass through or breakdown this protective nano¬-barrier. We would not recommend you to get your device submerged under water for even a second. Its primary function is to protect against liquid spills, splashes & rain.


LIFE SPAN:                 1 Coating lasts for 18-24 months depending on usage on the device.

PRODUCT EXPIRY:   Best before 22 months from manufacturing.

COVERAGE:                2.5ml Spray bottle coats 1 Smart phone or Tablet of any brand/model

COVERAGE:                5ML Spray bottle coats  2 Smart phone or Tablet of any brand/model.


  • After using SPLASH SAFE, keep the spray bottle airtight.
  • Protects from rain damage, liquid spills and splashes
  • Corrosion resistant coating protects your device from corrosion
  • Electronic friendly coating doesnt affects the device electricals, aux jack or speakers
  • Truly invisible coating 1000x times thinner than a human hair
  • Easy to apply process coats your device in 10 minutes

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How to Apply?

Step 1

  • Power off your device. 
  • Remove sim tray, back cover & battery (if possible). 
  • Clean complete device from outside with provided alcohol wipes. 
  • Clean your battery, sim tray, back & all ports with provided lint free cloth including all corners until it is dirt & smudge free. 


Step 2

  • Take the SPLASH SAFE™ spray bottle & shake well. 
  • It is electronic friendly & never voids manufacturer warranty. It will not even harm your fingerprint sensor button. 
  • Spray in all the ports, slim slots, buttons and all the tiny corners from where the water can enter and use our provided brush for brushing all these areas thoroughly. 

NOTE: Do not spray directly on the ear piece and speaker; just brush them by applying SPLASH SAFE™ on the bristles of the brush. 

  • Spray on entire screen, battery, back cover, camera lens and on the back after removing the battery (if possible) and spread it in a circular motion with our provided lint free cloth for coating thoroughly & evenly. 
  • Keep the phone in room temperature for 10 minutes to get the coating dry. 
  • Do the same process for the final time & now wait for six hours to get the coating dry completely. 
  • Do not insert the sim tray in sim slot till the 6 hours of coating.   
  • Use the lint free cloth to buff away excess coating to a gleaming finish. Buff using a circular motion. 
  • You can use your device after 6 hours of final coating but do not get your device in contact with any type of liquid for at least 24 hours. 

Step 3

  • Now your device is coated with SPLASH SAFE™. 
  • The buttons of your device may get hard after the coating but do not panic; they will start functioning normal within a day of usage. 
  • Your device is now safe from any type of liquid spills, splashes and rain. 

NOTE: SPLASH SAFE™ will not protect your device if submerged under any kind of liquid.


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