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 Best Virtual Reality Goggles:

Best VR Goggles The computer generated simulation of a 3 dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with a person directly using special equipment is called Virtual Reality. The special goggles used to experience VR are called VR googles. Ordinary glasses show a single image but 3D but VR Goggles contain polarised lenses which show two images, one per each eye. These images appear to give an illusion of depth which is a particular feature of CAVE environments.

All the other Vr goggles doesn’t have Headphones but the VR goggles available on Tectotron come with a headset and has minimal effect on your eyes.

More About VR Goggles:

  • Virtual reality glasses or goggles are becoming increasingly popular in the gaming and entertainment spheres.
  • They are lighter and more comfortable to wear than the standard head mounted display (HMD) and many of them incorporate a range of interactive devices.
  • These glasses enable the wearer to see three dimensional images which give an illusion of depth of perception. For example, if the wearer is using virtual reality for architectural purposes then they will be able to view a building at different angles, and walk through or around it.
  • The glasses enable the wearer to see two separate images which the brain combines into one. This is what gives the illusion of 3D depth. This is often accompanied by video and/or sound which add to the experience.
  • The aim is to present the wearer with a world which is realistic and behaves in a similar way to the real world. Any delay or latency will cause a disconnection between the two and in some cases, feelings of motion sickness. This then disrupts their experience.

Features of VR Goggles With Headphone:

1. HiFi Headphone, Removable.

2. Touch button for mobile phone screen input

3. Cool headband, removeable

4. Pupil distance, Object distance adjustable


Convert any movie, trailer or songs into VR format with VR Players

Free Apps: VRPlayer, VR Roller Coaster, VR Flight Simulator, Jurassic Virtual Reality, Virtual Reality Moon etc..



Item Size:190*130*90 mm
Material: ABS (RoHS)
Color: Black/White OEM
Lens: HD Optical Resin Lens
Lens Diameter: 42mm
Phone Support: 3.5″ – 6.0″(max size 83*163mm)

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    Great Product.

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    One of the best VR Headsets out there!!! The sound quality is great and the headset is quite comfortable when you wear it.

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    Received the headsets today.The packaging is good,delivery can be improved.The headsets works well.Overall experience has been great.

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    good sound and quality

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    Amazing product….!

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  7. 5 out of 5


    Amazing product, fulfil all the necessary requirements which are required from a VR device. Helps in creating a immersive experience. Pictures fully justify the product in hand.

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