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Solar power is interfering with everything in our life, No doubt! The sun is the source of everything in earth, and is responsible for lots of things that happens in the planet. 5 in 1 Solar Camping Jar are one of the most chic devices that used to light up any place, as we are looking for an efficient life style,Lanterns became solar powered.

There are different types of uses:

1) Portable lantern – helps you illuminate your campsite at night. It is crafted of lightweight, durable rubber and come with a carry handle. Solar charging and USB charging: Eco-Friendly and rechargeable.
2) Power bank – 1800 MAH power bank with USB charging port,can charge the mobile phone any time.It also has long battery life, 10 hours in bright model or 20 hours in normal model
3) Waterproof storage container –  is made of silicone material with IP68 high waterproof, can well protect your belongings; it can float in water is suitable for night fishing or SOS.Waterproof storage container for First-Aid or Survival Kits,electronic items, phones, lighters etc
4) Hand warmer – While trekking

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