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USB Cables

We present USB Cables for all your mobile devices, which means that you don’t to keep looking elsewhere for different cables. Our cables are meant for fast charging and fast data transfer, thereby saving you a lot of time. But the biggest feature is the flat or braided design that is not only attractive, but also saves you from the trouble of untangling it every time you need it. Truly inspiring!

  • Nylon Braided Micro-USB Cable – 2 Meter White Colour
  • Nylon Braided Type-C Cable  – 1 Meter White Colour
  • Nylon Braided Lightning Cable – 2 Meter White Colour
  • Nylon Braided AUX Cable – 1 Meter Red Color

Too Long, Too Popular

Our Cables are long, which is more than enough for all your needs. No need of having to sit close for doing the tasks; roam around freely, the cable would follow









Additional Information

Type of Cable

Nylon Braided Micro-USB Cable – 2 Meter, Nylon Braided Type-C Cable– 1 Meter, Nylon Braided Apple Cable – 2 Meter, Nylon Braided AUX Cable – 1 Meter

Micro-USB Cable

Our life revolves around our gadgets. Each serve a different purpose, but in the end, they are fit together for a singular objective: your leisure. For this, there has to be a medium that could connect them to each other. This is why we have USB cables.

But are all USB cables the same? No. Most are meant only for one utility, but some go beyond and serve you in more than one ways. The proper term for them would be “better”. Or alternatively, ‘Pebble”. The Pebble PNCM20 MicroUSB Cable is surely one of those.

As Beautiful As Bold

Strength is not always the only thing one looks for; beauty counts too. This is why the PNCM20 MicroUSB Cable is made with a beautiful design, which is elegant, tangle-free and comes in 4 vibrant colors. Cool, eh?

Quick To Charge

Nobody has time to sit around and wait for stuff, which is why the Quick Charge technology of Pebble is a lifesaver. The solid copper wire enables fast charging, while the AWG twisted cables ensures no interference in the signals.

Tough As A Nail

Cables go through a lot, which is they do not live to see the old age. Well, not true for Pebble. The PNCM20 MicroUSB Cable is covered with nylon fiber cloth sheathing, which is much more durable than normal plastic or PVC. It ensures a durability that is unmatched.

Universal Compatibility

The PNCM20 MicroUSB is compatible with all Android phones, tablets and any kind of PC. Now that’s called Universal Appeal..

Too Long, Too Popular

The PNCM20 MicroUSB Cable is 2-meter long, which is more than enough for all your needs. No need of having to sit close for doing the tasks; roam around freely, the cable would follow.

General Specifications

Cable Length 2 mtr
Current up to 2.4 A
Certification CE, FCC, ROHS
USB 2.0

Type-C Cable

With changing times, there comes changing technologies. What was standard yesterday might be obsolete today. It applies to everything, and it applies to USB ports too. The Type-A USB ports we are so used to seeing may soon become obsolete, getting replaced by Type-C ports. But, in the meantime, we need a way to connect between these two ports. This is exactly what Pebble PNCC10 Type C Cable aims to do.

Get It Right, Always

One of the biggest nuisance with cables is inserting them right. Somehow, they are always upside down (the work of Satan, perhaps). But with PNCC10 Type C Cable, this problem is solved. The reversible design allows you to insert the cable right every time, without even looking. Easy as a cake.

So Fast, So Very Fast

The PNCC10 Type C Cable allows you to transfer data at superfast rates. This means, no more sitting idling in front of the screen and wondering if the transfer would finish within this lifetime or not.

Works With All

The PNCC10 Type C Cable has a universal acceptance, and works with all phone and tablets that follow the standards for Type A and Type C ports.

The Cool Design

If you are bored of the conventional plastic-coated cables, then this is the right one for you. The PNCC10 Type C Cable comes braided with nylon jacket, which makes it sleeker, more durable and more appealing. Such is the durability that it is guaranteed to withstand more than 5000 twists.

Not Long, Not Short

Long is not always desirable in cables, where you might stumble upon it anytime. Neither is too short an option, which might force you to stick with the device to get anything done. Fortunately, PNCC10 Type C Cable comes at just the right length, i.e., 1 meter.

General Specifications

Net Weight 82g
Cable Length 1 Meter
Current up to 2.4 A
Certification CE, FCC, ROHS
USB 2.0

AUX cable

A long drive, a scenic road and a bunch of friends. All it takes to go from “good” to ‘perfect” is some amazing music. Your car would definitely come with some amazing sound system, but it is the playlist that matters the most. What options do you have? Having a CD is too old-fashioned, and putting the favorite songs of everyone in a single USB drive is almost impossible. For tough life decisions like these, you have AUX cables.
While the function of AUX cables is straightforward enough, not all cables are made equal. Some are pretty average, while others are flawless. PNCA10 AUX Cable falls in the latter category.

Long Enough For You To Stretch

The 1-meter length of the PNCA10 AUX cable is enough for you to plug-in the mobile while using it in the back seat. The sturdy cable is also strong enough to withstand any jolt, if you happen to stretch your legs a little further than required. Overall, “long and strong” seems to be our motto.


Tough But Easy

The PNCA10 AUX cable is built with dual shedding, which allows it to have a lifespan more than five times that of regular cables. The nylon braided insulation cover protects the cable from most of the damages, while the golf-plated connectors are just the thing you require in a cable meant for lasting long.

The Music Is ON

We know the AUX cable is primarily for listening to music, so music is what we deliver. The PNCA10 AUX ensures a seamless stream of quality music, with no loss of signal and no noise. Enjoy the best quality sound while on the best road trip of your life. Good things beget better things.

No Tangles, Simple Life

The biggest nuisance in any cable is the irrational tangling, which cannot be answered via normal laws of physics. Since we cannot invent a new set of physics laws, we instead invented a new design. The PCNA10 AUX cable is free of tangles, and thus, free from any cause of worries. Simple life, simple ways.

General Specifications

Net Weight 18g
Warranty 6 months replacement guarantee
Model PNCA10
Cable Length 1 Meter
Plug Aux

Apple Lightning cable

If you are an Apple user, you know what being a ‘class apart” means. While the world is happy with USB cables, you would require something specifically made for you. Thus, there are lightning cables. The prototype cables are much more powerful than traditional cables, but also difficult to find the right one. To solve your woes, pebble brings you the right one: the PNCL20 Lightning cable.

A Taste For Every Apple

The PNCL20 Lightning cable is a 8-pin chip cable which makes it compatible to with every latest Apple device, from the iPhone 6 to the iPod 7th Gen.

Tough But Easy

The nylon coating ensures that the cables are tough and durable, but sleek at the same time. The 9mm aluminum coating allows you to easily plug in the cable, without any hassle.

Everything Is In A Jiffy

Time is of the essence, so the Quick Charge technology of pebble ensures everything is fast for you. With the Lightning cable, you can charge you gadget with minimum time, thus saving you a lot of it. Additionally, the PNCL20 Lightning cable ensures fast data transfer, allowing you to move tons of data in no time.

Longer Than The Wall Of China

The 2-meter length of PNCL20 Lightning cable is absolutely insane! You can now plug into your device and move about your room freely, without worrying about the cable running short. It is never going to run short.

General Specifications

Net Weight 82g
Cable Length 2 Meter
Current up to 2.4 A
USB 3.0

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