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Our mobile devices consume a ton of battery power and we go through the excruciating process of charging them every day, multiple times, on top of which we deal with slow charging speeds, frayed cables, broken phone sockets, smashed phones while tripping over cables. MuConnect is an answer to all these problems.

MuConnect is a beautifully designed smart gadget, for a faster, safer and convenient mobile charging experience (supports Android and iOSdevices).

Transform the way you charge your mobile

You can now charge your mobile devices 2X faster from your laptop while at work or while travelling, instead of searching for a wall port everywhere you go.

When charging the device from public charging ports or others laptops, there is a chance of unauthorized access to your personal data, photos, important information and a lot more.

This video shows how hackers can put your device at risk when charging via public charging ports.

MuConnect’s fast charging mode protects your device from data theft and malware installations, as it disables data sync. You can now safely charge your devices anywhere when you are on the go.

With MuConnect, connect your charger magnetically to your device with ease. No pointless fiddling.

Easy plug and easy detach helps reduce stress on your cables and mobile charging sockets to a great extent – thus preventing frayed cables and loose sockets.

*NOTE: There has been a change in the switch design of MuConnect. Below you can see the new design where the switch has been shifted to vertical position from the original horizontal placement. This has also has increased the overall sixe of the product to 21 mm length and 10 mm in width.


MuConnect Zero is a lite version of the MuConnect Pro. Zero has all of the PRO features other than the Fast Charging and Data Protection. Zero has been designed for the not so heavy mobile users.At the core of Zero is its Easy Plug/Detach feature making charging a lot fun and easier. It also helps in protecting your sockets from damage, prevents dust and water entry, you also no longer need to worry about frayed cable or tripping over cables and damaging your phone, cables.

Watch Zero’s Demo Video

Additional Information


IOS, Android

How to use ?

  1. Insert the Pin into your phone charging socket
  2. Fix the Connector into your charging cable.
  3. Bring the Connector near the Pin. It aligns and charges away!
  4. Slide the button to navigate between fast charging mode and data sync mode.


Does MuConnect support data transfer?

Yes. Make sure that the switch is in data sync mode and you are ready to go!

Does MuConnect support data transfer during fast charging?

No. You need to switch it to data sync mode for data transfer.

What is fast charging in MuConnect?

Mobiles when charging through laptops charge very slowly due to data sync. This gadget when switched to fast charging mode turns off data transfer thus allowing the mobile to take more power – so it charges faster.

Does fast charging work with my AC adaptor too?

No. It works only when connected to laptops or car chargers.

Is MuConnect compatible with Quick Charge 2.0 and 3.0?


Will MuConnect support USB C?

USB Type C will be available soon..

How is MuConnect water resistant?

The pin which goes into the phone will be reinforced with a silicon ring, so as it covers your port all the time, water and dust cannot enter.

How is MuConnect smart?

Different mobile devices have different proprietary standards to enable fast charging (like BC1.0, 1.1, 1.2, YD/T-1591 spec, Samsung Fast charging standard, Apple iPhone/ iPad Fast charging standard etc.). MuConnect can automatically detect which device is connected to it and sets the standard, thus signalling the device to take maximum power. That is why MuConnect is smart.

Rejections / replacement policy and warranty

         We give a warranty of 3 months from the date of purchase and if there is any problem with connector or pin we will replace without any charges.

Prices of the products

Price of Single Product: Rs 1299/ (Pin + Connector)

Do’s and Don’ts

a) Ensure that the Pin is plugged properly in the device and is locked,before using

b) Do not force pin into your device.If it dosen’t fit easily then check for obstructions in your device or check if you chose the right set for your device.

c) Do not cruch or burn the Connector and Pins

d) Do not submerge the Connector in water

e) Never allow children to play with the Connector or Pin. Swallwing the small components may cause a choking hazard

f) Do not sleep on the connector when attached to a cable plugged into a power source.

g) MuConnect was designed to easy Attach /easy Detach ,hence don’t use the connector to charge while holding the phone.

Functionality and technical specifications 

Device Compatibility
: Head Phones, Audio Systems, Tablets, Car Audio, Game Consoles, Power Bank.

Features :

  • Reversible
  • Water resistant
  • Fast Charging Mode
  • Data Sync
  • Data Protection
  • Easy Plug/Detach
  • Micro USB/Lightning Compatibility
  • Minimalistic Design
  • LED Indicator

Specifications :

Maximum Power Rating : 12 Watts

Maximum Data Transfer Speed : 480 Mbps

LED Indicator : Green LED charge only Mode

                                                   Orange LED for Normal Mode

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