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The new MARATHON: Smart. Sleek. Simple. Take your phone with you and get Real-Time tracking, stress-maps, alerts, etc as you run! Or, go running without your phone and sync when you come back! Avoid Injuries. Improve your Form and Performance. Get the guidance you need to RUN BETTER! Stridalyzer MARATHON insoles sync data with Stridalyzer App using BlueTooth LE. Stridalyzer APP is available on iOS and Android.

  • Smart Insoles that measure your running Gait and coach you to RUN BETTER! Syncs with Stridalyzer App through Bluetooth. App available on iOS and Android
  • Patented variation of PU Anti-bacterial, breathable, shock-absorbing, Sleek, Comfortable, Sturdy and Water Resistant, Rechargeable
  • Real-time audio-visual alerts, Real Time Measurements (Stride Length, Stride Rate,GCT), Real Time Stress Map (Knee and Feet), Real Time Running Form Alerts
  • Pace, Distance, Calories, Step count, In-Device Data Storage , Post-Run Analysis & Guidance In-device data storage option
  • Easily Trimmable – Fits Shoe size Men’s US 5.5 to 15 and Women’s US 6.5 to 12.5
  • Long Battery life: 15 hours of run, 3 weeks standby


Quantifies and Tracks your Running.

Run with your phone for live feedback, or without your phone for end-of-run guidance. Either way, Stridalyzer’s smart sensing technology adapts to YOUR running needs and style..


Monitors and Alerts about possible injury.

The sensors embedded in the insoles measure impact and pressure experienced in the foot and knees and sends the user real-time audio and visual alerts to avoid potential injury from the way they run. Get real-time stress maps for your feet and knees!


Analyzes and Assesses your Run.

At the end of the run, get personalized recommendations on how to stay injury free, and improve your form and performance.

In The Box?

Product comes with 1 pair insoles, one charging cable.

Warranty: 1 Year

Sizing: Men’s: US8.5 – 12.5 [EUR 41 – 46] Women’s: US10 – 14 [EUR 41 – 45] Size marking on back for easy trimming.

App can be downloaded from AppStore/PlayStore. 1-year Analytics & Cloud storage included.





How thick is the insole? Will it change how I feel during my run?

The insoles we use are similar size and materials as the insoles that are present in the high-end running shoes. Our insoles are about 5mm thick, with a high side-wall near the arch, which houses the circuit. We have tested with various shoes – these insoles should feel just like your current regular insoles, and should not affect how you run at all.

What if I use another insole for prosthetic purposes in my shoes?

You should be able to use this insole on top of the other insole. We would recommend that you consult with your physician to be sure.

Will I get insoles for my size?

We will be building a few common sizes to start with, since our planned initial lot is very small. However, it will be possible to trim the insole down upto 1 size, using your scissors, to fit snugly into your insole. Your Stridalyzer will come with directions on how to do that.

Are both insoles smart? Can’t I use just one insole and get the right data for my form?

Yes. Both insoles collect and send data independently. We do not believe people use their legs identically when they run; in fact, most people have legs and feet that are different sizes. In addition, if you have had an injury or strain on one side, ever, your body unconsciously compensates for that. So it is vital to monitor both feet and knees. Hence, we do not plan to sell a single insole.

If, however, you are one of the superheroes that have somehow lost one leg and still run, please do write to us on the email address on our website. We have budgeted a few Stridalyzers every month for inspirational people with special abilities, and we would be honored to provide you with a complimentary Stridalyzer insole if we can.

Can Stridalyzer work without a smartphone?

Stridalyzer cannot work without a smartphone. While it’s possible for Stridalyer to collect and store data for a run in the insole, the fact that the user cannot get any real-time feedback or advice, violates the fundamental tenets of our philosophy to provide actionable guidance. When connected to a Smartphone, Stridalyzer can provide real-time alerts, guidance, etc that makes the running experience a lot more satisfying.

What is the estimated battery life? How are the insoles charged?

Our tests have shown that Stridalyzer’s battery would last about 8-10 hours of running on a single charge. That should cover about a week for most runners. 
The insoles will come with a USB charging cord, and you can connect it to any USB charging wall-point. Each insole battery should get fully charged in about 15 minutes.

How do you estimate knee stress without any sensors on the knee?

We get this question a lot. We use the data collected on the feet, to calculate the amount of stress being exerted on the knees. We build a computer model of the legs on our cloud server and customize them for each user based on the information provided by them. Using the data collected by your insole, we build the model to understand exactly how you moved your feet, and also how your knee was positioned during the various stages of running stance, and calculate how much stress was transferred to your knee in the various stances. Again, this is possible only because we know how each part of your foot moved when you made contact with ground.

What is the meaning of “Marathon” Edition Stridalyzer?

We at ReTiSense are passionate about running. We believe running eventually defines a person, and their value-system. For our versioning system, we decided to use names that would honour the places and people that have contributed immensely to the sport of running in particular, and to the world in general, and the first such place we wanted to honour was Marathon – where the legend has it that Pheidippedes ran about 150 miles to Sparta first, to ask for help, then back, then fought the Persian army, and finally ran about 26 miles to Athens to deliver the news of victory, and died. His contributions helped that significant battle, and had a major influence in the history of the world.

Is my data secure? How do you ensure security and privacy of my information?

Stridalyzer takes privacy and security of your data very seriously! The data on your phone complies with all privacy and security requirements from Apple (iOS) or Google (Android). All transmissions from the phone to the cloud uses industry-standard encryption, with keys that are unique to each app. The data on the cloud are encrypted, and only you have access to the data that is stored for your account.

How long will the insoles last? What happens if I change my shoes?

These insoles are meant to last about one year. As you may have noticed with your running shoes, the bottom soles are the ones that run out. You can simply move the insole to your new running shoes.


Stridalyzer MARATHON

  1. Run-level means the user can access only run summary information.
  2. Stride Level means the user can access details down to seconds of each run.
  3. Only run summary data is stored on cloud.
  4. Statistical means the stress calculations are done based on statistical estimates of how other runners with similar body structure (height, weight, foot size, arch size) and pace, distance etc measures tend to distribute their stress.
  5. 2-sensor: The sensing circuit uses data from 2 sensors, and then extrapolates and calculates feet/leg movement and stress data for various points on feet and knees.
  6. 4-sensor: The sensing circuit uses data from upto 4 sensors to calculate feet/leg movement and stress data for various points on feet and knees.
  7. Splash Proof: The insole circuit is protected against short-term exposure to water. Primary unprotected part is the USB port.
  8. Sweat resistant: Insole circuit can handle sweat and moisture buildup, but is not meant to handle water splashes or more.



Stridalyzer App, in conjunction with Stridalyzer Smart Insoles & Stridalyzer POD, provides a breakthrough approach to help you Understand your Running Style & Form, Improve your Running form and performance and stay Injury-free!

The App connects with your Stridalyzer Smart insoles to monitor your run, and provide you valuable guidance and alerts during your run, as well as a wealth of intuitive analysis, details and guidance after your run.

In addition, Stridalyzer App now provides estimated running form details, along with Real-Time Stress Maps of feet and knee while you run, using JUST the sensors from your iPhone!

This App uses the following battery-intensive features in the background when an activity is running:
* Location Data through GPS
* Sensor Data through BlueTooth
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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