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Enerlyf is pocket-friendly gadget that links with the ceiling fan and air condition and maintains an optimal temperature for your comfortable good night sleep, while saving the energy too. Enerlyf reduces the carbon footprint of AC and makes it more eco-friendly. It manages the user preferences and maintains the optimal temperature. It works throughout the night, to switch on and off the AC, based on sleep stages and room temperature. It also understands your sleeping pattern so you can sleep comfortably without any interruption. It is best electricity preserving kit you can have.


  • Enerlyf can manage the user preferences and maintain the optimal temperature.
  • Small product which can be easily installed, no need of extra wiring for it.
  • It has comfy sense technology that regulates the air condition for an optimal sleeping condition.
  • It only takes less than 30 seconds to set their AC operational preferences.
  • Track your electricity savings.
  • Reduces carbon footprint emitted by AC and makes it more nature-friendly.
  • It saves 50% of electricity.
  • Power consumption is less than 3W.
  • It is compatible with all type of ceiling fans and all non-inverter ACs.
  • Operates between 0°C to 55°C.
  • It is wired 230-240 VAC through R & B terminals.


1)What is comfySense technology?

Ans: ComfySense technology regulates the air condition for an optimal sleeping condition. This technology is based on parameters for inputs of Human sleep patterns, User preferences (e.g. set temperature of AC, FAN speed & FLAP position) and Room temperature. This technology analyzes these three patterns and gives you the perfect temperature for your comfortable sleep.

2)How is Enerlyf capability different than the AC’s sleep mode?

Ans: The AC’s sleep mode reduces the set temperature at periodic intervals by 1°C but will eventually keep AC running the entire night, consuming electricity in the bargain. ENERLYF saves energy consumption by reducing the overall AC operational period. Also, the AC operations go through varied transitions to keep user’s sleep unaffected & more comfortable, while increasing cost savings too.

3)What if I have more than one AC?

Ans: Enerlyf can work with only one AC at a time.

4)What is the requirement I shall fulfil to install ENERLYF at my home?

Ans: A Non-inverter AC and a Ceiling Fan should be there in the same where ENERLYF is to be installed.

5)What if I change my AC? Will ENERLYF still work?

Ans It will support your new non-inverter AC as Enerlyf supports 36 plus brands available in India.

6)What is the warranty period of Enerlyf?

Ans: Warranty period is 1 year. It will cover all your damages under warranty policy of the company.








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