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That is the perfect solution for rush hour traffic, fitness and recreation

The dual-powered nature of the LightSpeed eBikes allows you the freedom to switch between manual and battery power as the situation demands it. From cycling through the park in place of a morning walk, to zipping past larger vehicles on busy streets, and working off that dessert you shouldn’t have had, LightSpeed eBikes can do it all.

The 2 models in the LightSpeed range – The DRYFT(Drift) and GLYD(Glide).

DRYFT – The Adventure Companion

Made for the adventurers, DRYFT is the perfect eBike for the rocky terrain and the sharp twists and turns on uphill and downhill roads, finding a home with urban thrill seekers just as much as it is for the mountain bikers.

GLYD – The Urban Dream

Created to be perfect for the city, GLYD helps you zip past the traffic on a busy street with its optimal bicycle-like sleek structure, and the ideal boost required to help you beat the rush hour.

LIGHTSPEED: The E-bike that you would want to own – comes with pedal assist and a range of features! 

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DRYFT – The Adventure Companion- Rs.39999/-, GLYD – The Urban Dream- Rs.29999/-


New-Age Technology and Unmatched Quality


EASY PEDALLING : Powered by Pedal Boost Technology

Cadence and Torque Sensors

Giving the controllers an accurate picture of the harmony between the effort put in by the rider and the powerful boost that is supplied by the motor to augment the manual power.

  • Five-Level Pedal Boost

Allows you to optimise your ride in accordance with the terrain and energy levels you find yourself in. The lowest levels give you the bare minimum aid, so you can rely upon your own power to continue onward. For a more tangible push, crank it up to the mid-levels, where you share the effort with the motor to send you on your way. Or, you could simply go full assist, giving over the effort to the motor, and letting your legs simply breeze through the pedalling motions.

For a glimpse into the health benefits, we are happy to tell you that Lightspeed eBike aids you burns 500 calories per hour.

PIC: Motor and Pedal assist.

Smart Display:

Displaying more than the usual information, the LED Display (in GLYD) and the backlit LCD Display (in DRYFT) artfully located on the steering of LightSpeed eBikes tell the user:

–       Current Battery Levels

–       Walk Assist Levels

–       Pedal Boost Assist Levels

Moreover, by upgrading the GLYD to the LCD Display that is already incorporated in the DRYFT, the user can also have access such as:

–       Speed, Trip Distance and Total Distance Travelled

–       Total Motor Power Consumption

–       Status Messages like Cruise Control Toggle and Fault Codes

–       Password Protection

Robust and resilient to wear and tear as the rest of the frame, the LCD Display can sustain in a broad range of temperature and weather situations, making your eBike look good as new for longer.

LCD Display

PIC: Smart display screen.

LED Display


  • Compact and High Density Battery
  • Smart Battery Pack (18650 Series Lithium Ion based batteries)
  • Compact and easily portable
  • Augmented with a specially developed Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Monitors the vital statistics of the battery and motor via the controller
  • Allows the battery to operate at its optimal condition
  • Ensures dissipation of the generated heat to increase life expectancy

PIC: Battery pack.

Powerful Noiseless TORQ MOTOR

  • Noiseless/Vibration/ Maintenance -free motor pack fitted into the rear wheel
  • 250 Watts 32 NM torque

By restricting the speed of the motor to 25 kmph, the eBikes require no licence to ride, and can be taken right out of the shop and onto the streets.

PIC: Noiseless motor.


Identical to the propulsion in motorcycles or scooters, the twist throttle with its distinctive aluminium bushings provides an alternative means of acceleration on the steering handlebar.

PIC: Throttle.


LightSpeed eBrakes impede the mechanical motion with friction and cuts off the power supply to the motor. This prevents both a deadlock between motor push and a resistance at the wheel, creating a smoother and safer braking mechanism.

PIC: e-brake.

Easy-To-Carry CHARGER

A lightweight charger is included with all eBikes to facilitate quick and efficient charging of your battery packs. With two speeds to charge your motor, both—fast and slow—at your preference, these standardised chargers are ideal for urgent situations and will work in any two-pin socket.

PIC: Battery attached to the portable charger.


What happens if I need replacements for specific parts? Where can I find the spare parts?   

Most spare parts of the eBike frame can be found in everyday cycle repair facilities and showrooms. The electric components are covered under warranty and can be replaced as required.

What about routine repairs and minor problems? How do we deal with them? What about routine servicing?

In most cases, the repair and service work can be done at any bicycle-repair shop. Electronic troubles will be taken care of by LightSpeed Mobility, under warranty.

What does the warranty cover?

The one year warranty entails a replacement on the electronic components. For the mechanical components of the eBike and bike frames the warranty ensures replacement against manufacturing defects or malfunctioning.

Do the eBikes have regenerative braking?

While regenerative braking has its uses in larger and more heavyweight vehicles, we have found that it does not provide the value for money in a vehicle as lightweight as the LightSpeed eBikes, for the amount of energy recovered is negligible. Therefore, we have chosen not to implement regenerative braking in our eBikes.

How long does the battery take to charge? How long does it last on a single charge?

A full charge of the battery takes approximately 3-3.5 hours. On a single charge, the DRYFT eBike can be driven for 50 kms, while GLYD can be driven for 35 kms.

What happens if the battery runs out of power?

In the unfortunate situation that your battery is completely drained of power, the eBike can be used as a regular bicycle with manual power provided by pedalling.

What is the maximum amount of weight that one can put on the eBike frame?

The maximum amount of weight that the frame can sustain is 120kg.

What is the lifecycle of the battery?

The battery can last for a period of 4-5years.

How many charge cycles can the battery sustain? What happens at the end of the battery life cycle?

The battery should function optimally for 1000-1200 charge cycles. Once the battery runs out you can purchase a new battery pack from LightSpeed Mobility Pvt Ltd.

How do I receive the eBike once I make a purchase?

Once you purchase the eBike, it will be delivered to your doorstep in a ready-to-ride condition.

What are the legal requirements for using the eBike?

The eBike does not fall in the same category as other motor vehicles. So, no vehicle registration, driver’s license or mandatory insurance is required.



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