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Float air suspension seat for two wheelers is perfect for Indian roads. It uses the best air suspension technology to give you a feeling of floating in the air while cruising on the bike. It reduces 46% of shocks and vibrations and makes the journey delightful and enjoyable. Fego float air suspension seat also helps in much better air circulation between you and the seat which helps with the butt sweat. It can be used by office commuter, travelers, riders, patients with back pain, pleasure seekers and even pregnant women. It can also be fitted for pillion rider.


  • High quality mesh seat cover with a handle to carry around.
  • vvk zipper ,100% genuine leather and bottom antiskid material
  • a rain cover
  • It helps people reduce lower backpain due to bad roads
  • Doubles the riding journey
  • Unique pressure distribution technology
  • For long rides ,it reduces the butt pain
  • Reduces 46% of shocks and vibration on Indian roads
  • mesh used in the top of seat cover gives good ventilation underneath butt and helps riders fight sweat
  • keep a thin layer of air between you and your bike
  • Works great for a pillion seat too


It is very easy to use float air suspension seat and can be installed by any person on any bike. Just use the given 2 straps and tie it on the riders seat and enjoy riding.


  • 100% genuine leather,
  • High quality mesh seat
  • bottom antiskid material

Works best for:

  • All cruisers (Harley Davidson, Avenger etc.,)
  • Touring bikes (Royal Enfield all models)
  • Scooters (Honda Activa, TV Jupiter, HeroMaestro, Yamaha Fascino, Vespa etc.,)

Package includes: Float seat

Rain cover

**It’s doesn’t take the shape of the seat. If shape is not an issue only then please choose.


Q)How much air should I fill ?

Air needs to be filled in such a quantity that you should be sitting at a height of 1/2″ – 1″ above the bike seat.

Troubleshooting :

Q)I feel like I’m floating on an unstable air surface while riding on the seat? Why is that happening?

Sounds like you have filled more air than required. Deflating it might help you getting stability on it.

Q)What if I apply sudden brakes? Will the Float move and disturb my posture?

Nope. If the Float is fixed properly, nothing will happen. So, no dislocation. No discomfort for you.

Safety & Durability

Q)Is the Float anti-theft?

It has feature to get locked on along with the helmet lock. And, you can be carried it along too. Although the Float is difficult to steal but yeah, it can get stolen.

Q)How much weight can it take?

The Float is designed to take atleast 120 kg.

Q)What about the durability of the Float?

Considering the conditions of the Indian roads, the Float has been designed to work for a minimum of two to three years. However, it depends on how you have been using it as well.



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