Cancellation / Return Policy

Tectotron believes in hassle free return policy as we put our customers at the forefront and makes its best possible effort to provide customers with an excellent online shopping experience. The products being offered by Tectotron are truly innovative in nature and requires some awareness on the usage of products. Please contact us in case if you are finding it difficult to use the products purchased in order to avoid any damage on account of improper usage of the product.If you are still left waiting on account of any issue, we are there to help you out in whichever way we can


  • If the product arrives in a damaged condition, you will have to send us snapshot confirming the damage on our email id Once the product arrives at our warehouse we will replace the damaged product with a new one in.
  • In case of refund request , we will process it in 7-10 business working days post receiving the product.
  • Few items below Rs 1000/- cannot be refunded. You will be provided with a replacement option with other products worth the same price or voucher which can be used for purchasing other products



The company will ensure that any communication of cancellation of an order or any applicable refund will be made in reasonable time.